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Available now at parallelPALETTE.com
shipping immediately worldwide!

As seen in “Painting a Life | an approach to painting”




  1. jcrwth@gmail.com


    When I stumbled across the parallel palette online I was intrigued. The principle made sense so I was eager to give it a try, but I had no idea what a game changer it would be. I realize now that with the hand-held palette (or the glass mixing surface on my artist’s taboret) one mixes from “memory,” applies paint to the canvas, then goes back to the palette to make whatever adjustments are necessary. It’s an unconscious process of trial and error. With the parallelPALETTE the guesswork is removed. And it also speeds things up by removing the “travel time” from palette to canvas. I’m totally hooked!

    • studio@davidkassan.com


      Thanks so much for your post about parallelPALETTE!

  2. mklanglo@msn.com


    It made so much sense to have the paint next to my image…. Wow what an enormous change this has been for me. I have been painting for over 30 years and this is absolutely, without a doubt, the best system ever. If you are on the fence, do yourself a favor and try it, you will not be disappointed. This will change your life!
    Artists take notice…. the parallel palette is the way to go! Thank you David!

  3. angelhart@gmail.com


    You are a genius, David… always knew that.
    Are the non-tripod options effective ways to connect directly to the easel? Which is your preference?
    While studying in Santa Fe with Tony we propped our palettes on an extra easel bar below our paintings.
    Bravo for perfecting this vertical way to paint. Jane

  4. marymarin@comcast.net


    I was intrigued, too, back when this was a Kickstarter Campaign. I decided to fund the project, and after several months of development, the palette was ready to ship. i just LOVE my Parallel Palette!!!! I bought a nice camera “arm” to use with it so I can move it from my drawing table (where I sit to paint) to the easel for when I stand up to paint. If anybody out there is wondering whether this is a good purchase, take it from me: GREAT IDEA!!!! I’d post photos of my setup and you’d see how awesome the palette is, but you’ll just have to trust me. Best $100 you can spend, and you are WORTH it!

  5. waltspaintingsc@gmail.com


    ” It just makes sense.” This is such a smart idea! I wonder why I didn’t think of it! Bravo.

  6. rovagrafx@aim.com


    David, I’ve used the Parallel Palette so much and carried it so many places that I have lost the rubber foot on the back along with the screws. If you have a size or measurement maybe we can find replacements. Glad to be able to replace the glass when needed. Rosalie


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