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Drawing Closer to Life | DVD


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This 3 hour DVD documents a day in David Jon Kassan’s Brooklyn studio as he develops a charcoal study of Henry Williams Oelkers. Follow along as David vocalizes his complete thought process and approach as he develops this drawing. The essence of this DVD is developing an understanding of how to translate and interpret what we see into drawings that capture the subtle character, emotion and insights into the model’s personality.

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  1. kappy.art@verizon.net


    Much more than a step-by-step instructional DVD, David generously offers his thought process as he teaches the viewer how he uses visual information. He offers an integration of academic and organic techniques, beginning with a block-in placement of general shapes and values, then turning large and small forms and textures into and out from each other, through the lights and darks. With an eye towards painting, he develops and expresses the emotional character of his model with a knowing and subtle touch, bringing his masterful drawing to a fully developed height. Beginning through advanced artists will greatly benefit from watching David’s DVD.

  2. robertinho_ribeiro00@hotmail.com


    I could come here and say about the skills, or the ideas you can get with the dvd. But that`s not fair, the dvd for me was not about the skills, it was about the experience you get from drawing. How that makes you learn about the person you are drawing, and how patience is a key quality to really make good art. To be really fair, David showed me that art is more than just making the most realistic drawing or painting. The real art is when you can give life to it. And I thank David for showing me that.
    So, yeah. I strongly recommend this dvd to anyone, and everyone. Taught me more than I could imagine. 😀

  3. gayle@gaylemadeira.com


    This is an extremely high quality DVD which makes you feel as though you’re in a workshop with David. Being able to see and hear exactly what he’s doing at every stage of the drawing process is extremely beneficial. Being able to see and hear it with such high quality makes it a joy as well. In addition to bringing us into the complete step-by-step analysis of his drawing technique, he also opens the door to every single tool that he uses and how he prepares his paper. There are many aspects that go into a great drawing than just the technique. The tools and the surface are very important and he gives the viewer every single bit of knowledge that he has for creating the drawing. This is invaluable. It was such a great video that the second I saw his second DVD on sale, which is for painting, I jumped and bought it right away. I will watch both of these videos over and over for many years to come.

  4. m16battista@comcast.net


    David Kassan’s drawing DVD is a recording of his thought process as well as his working process regarding portraiture. I am grateful for his willingness to share not only his working methods , but his thought process to why he creates. His so openly shares his drawing technique. He coherently explains not only how he uses a specific approach , but why he uses it.The videpo goes well beyong mere superficial “technique”. This is not about preconceived formulas, it is about directly reacting to what is experienced and seen at the moment of creating a work of art.

    As an artist and a teacher I am so inspired by seeing his work. It is a true priviledge to see how one of his drawings is created, beginning with preparing the support, to finely rendering form , texture and tone into an image that is so expressive and visually powerful. Many videos take you from step A to step Z , yet leave out many important intermediate steps. Kassan shares the entire process. He also courageously shares how the drawing is continually refined….he is not afraid to wipe out an area and restate it if he feels that a particular passage needs to be adjusted.

    His approach is wonderful and inspiring to watch. He does not rely on formula to create. He directly responds to what is perceived and reacts with incredible ability, and taste. It is his state of mind and ability to slow down and carefully see that is so amazing to witness on film.

    This is by far the best instructional art video that I have seen. I have recommended this DVD to countless students and fellow artists. David Kassan is one of the greatest artists of our time. His willingness to share so much of himself artistically, philosophically and expressively is a true gift that I am thankful for.

  5. tomwharton@mac.com


    It would be difficult to over praise this DVD. There are very few artist teachers around who are as articulate and generous in their approach to teaching their art and craft. David’s approach is distilled from both his personal exploration as well as the wealth of knowledge he’s gotten from his studies with some of America’s finest working artists.

    The DVD is primarily focused on a process approach to drawing, which any working artist will recognize as the basis for producing consistently high quality work. To that end, throughout the DVD, David’s thought process and analytical mind are clearly presented.

    But drawing is more than craft, and throughout the DVD, the emphasis is on the communication of the humanity and reality of the subject.

    All in all, it is one of the very best instructional DVDs I’ve even owned, one that I watch repeatedly and recommend highly.

  6. lynn@lynnhoyland.com


    David Kassan’s DVD “Drawing Closer to Life” was a game changer for me. Many years ago I took two art classes in college, but had not drawn since then.
    David’s DVD took me to a whole different level. I was shocked at the results, when I used his technique. Drawing has become my passion, and I thank David Kassan and his wonderful video for that. What a gift.

  7. russosandra2@gmail.com


    It taught me the steps i needed i would not have figured out on my own the tips and suggestions have made my work more skilled and advanced.It was intimidating at first confidence grows with time.It has given me a new found respect for the work i see and work others do.I like to go back and review the c.d. seems i always learn something each time i watch it.

  8. lindatbran@gmail.com


    This is a wonderful DVD, packed with information and worth viewing over and over. David’s enthusiasm and intelligence seem boundless and his passion for drawing is contagious. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

  9. byrohitkant.artdivision@gmail.com

    (verified owner):

    hello .
    how much of the DVD is realtime out of the 3 hours running time ? is most of the strokes shown in realtime ?
    Is this HD quality ?

    • studio@davidkassan.com


      It is all realtime, just edited down from the full 8 hour session to draw the model. best, david kassan

  10. byrohitkant.artdivision@gmail.com

    (verified owner):

    could you kindly tell me what paper you use in the dvd ?
    is this daler downey CANFORD ? if yes , could you kindly tell me which shade ?

    i see you mention gun-metal in the material list but this looks like something else .

    thank you ,
    god bless you and your family

    • studio@davidkassan.com


      It is daler Rowney canford card in gun metal grey, It has changed since the dvd was filmed(8 years ago) the company changed the grey value of the paper.

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