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In this 2 disk 7-hour instructional documentary, I really wanted to weave together my philosophies on painting as well as how I paint technically. In “Painting A Life”, we get to know the subject, Jaece Lutece. intimately — her thoughts, feelings and her life as I paint her.

Painting, for me, is my way of understanding the world around me; a way of slowing things down to carefully observe life. It was really important to me that this film illustrates not just the step-by-step process of how I paint, but also depicts my patient search to understand my subject.

To encourage a full understanding of the process, I completely vocalize my thoughts on how I use broken color to develop lifelike skintone and how I use color temperature, value, texture and brushstroke to turn form. I also discuss how to train your eye to see these subtle color shifts and transitions.

Included is a full discussion of my materials (brushes, mediums, paints, etc), how I prepare my painting surfaces, my studio setup and lighting, how I transfer my drawing to my painting surface, a brief introduction to my drawing process, and a field trip to Vasari Classic Oils Colors to discuss of all of the paints on my palette and their properties and history with Gail Spiegel, Vasari’s color expert. And, of course, some bloopers.

The essence of this DVD is how I develop a full understanding and interpretation of what I see and synthesize that into a painting that captures the subtle character, emotion and life of the sitter.

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    Inspirational…Simply the best art instruction video out there!!!!

    I can’t say enough about this video (as well as David Kassan’s drawing video). David Kassan is creating some of the most moving, powerful works of art in the world today.Mr. Kassan is not only an amazing artist, He is a great teacher who is inspiring and so willing to share his knowledge and approach with others.
    I was a big fan of his work ,yet was a little hesitant to purchase his first drawing video due to the price. After watching his drawing video, I literally rushed to the computer to order his new painting video when it went on sale. Comparing the price to the cost of a workshop, or art class, the price is very reasonable. I have been painting for over 30 years and have been dealing with issues related to broken color, spatial relationships and using color and edge control to turn form. Truthfully, it has been a struggle. After watching David’s DVD, I actually “see” differently. His working method allows one to be more sensitive to color changes, form relationships and edge quality. Years ago when attending art school, I would be a little frustrated when college professors would do a quick demo of a block -in, yet never show how to further develop the painting. This video shows the COMPLETE process from start to finish.It is a great gift to be able to witness how he progresses from a fluid expressive block-in of massed shapes and develops the image into a highly detailed, yet richly rendered image. It is like standing over his shoulder and watch him not only paint the image, but understand his thought process and philosophy about painting. I always wished that I could go back in time and watch Rembrandt or Sargent paint………….with today’s technology, we have the opportunity to see a modern master at work. I believe that artists at all levels will get much from this video. I have suggested that my students purchase a copy and spend time watching it. It also amazes me that David’s approach is so low key and humble, yet gets down to the core of what is really important in painting and expressing oneself through interpreting a subject through one’s personal lens.His comments about art , observation and creativity is eye opening (literally!).
    This video will be something that will speak to you in different ways as you develop as an artist. I’m sure I will still be watching this video in years to come.There will be things that he says that will resonate with me and continue to help me grow.

    I hope that David Kassan creates a follow up video in the future that focuses of feet and hands! ( I would not hesitate to run to the computer and order it!). I hope to one day take a workshop with David. This is the next best thing. If you purchase this video, you will not be disappointed.



    David Kassan’s new instructional DVD, Painting a Life, stands out in a very large field in both how comprehensive it is and how it addresses the needs and interests of artists at all levels. Any artist, from relative beginners to highly experienced and accomplished professionals will find something to learn and use in developing their own work. While it stands on its own, many of the principles that are the foundation of David’s work and instruction begin with solid drawing, and for less experienced artists, working with his drawing DVD first may be very useful.

    The basic format of the DVD is a seven-hour demonstration. The demonstration goes from the preliminary drawing through the finished painting, mostly shown in closeups of both the painting and the model. The demo is narrated, and the depth and amount of information in it is so extensive that it’s difficult to summarize. But, as with his own work, he demonstrates and stresses…

    • Accurate observation and drawing
    • Form painting and revealing the structure of the facial anatomy
    • Analysis of individual features (the eyes, the mouth, hair, etc.) as they are revealed in paint
    • The rhythmic structure of the facial forms
    • Transitions and edges as they serve to create a sense of realism
    • Texture and it’s use in paint
    • Value and color and the turning of form
    • The way light plays on human flesh
    • The different kinds of shadows and the way they indicate form in space

    Most demonstrations, even where there is an explanation of what the painter is doing, rely on the experience level of the viewer to find ways of applying the instruction to their own work. A strong and unique aspect of this demo is that David is constantly providing (and reminding) the viewer of the thought processes he is using to solve problems, and most importantly, what questions he’s asking himself. For instance, in color observation, “Is this color warmer or cooler than the color next to it?” This kind of approach, which reflects the process that experienced painters use, really empowers a person to develop their own unique ability and build their skills.

    The DVD also includes a detailed discussion about materials. David is a real problem solver and this aspect carries over to the use of his materials. There is an inventor aspect to the way he creates and uses tools to help make the process easier. There are in-depth discussions about, and specific recommendations for…
    • The brushes he uses and how he modifies them
    • The paint used and it’s particular uses in the painting
    • Lighting, both ambient as well as focused lighting, including in-depth discussions on light temperature, CRI, and using a curtain system to control the lighting
    • The use of his Parallel Palette
    • Preparation of painting panels
    • Adaptations he’s made to his easel
    • An easy to transport mahl stick

    As part of the materials section, there is also an interesting discussion between David and Gail from Vasari Paints as they review the various properties and uses of the colors on his palette in her mid-town Manhattan showroom.

    Probably the most distinctive and important aspect for painters at all levels is the way the DVD shows the personal relationship that develops between David and the model. By including this, he is able to get at the core of what painting is really about — how the pathway to becoming a painter opens a person to a larger connection to themselves, the world around them, and brings meaning to their lives. In the end, the process of painting becomes one of connection, and, as he quotes from Albert Einstein, “Being passionately curious.”

    Highly Recommended.


    (verified owner):

    From the very beginning of watching this DVD, I was immediately drawn into the process of how the artist creates a painting. David Jon Kassan not only shows us his incredible skills as a technical painter, but he also shows us how he connects with the subjects he paints and allows us to get to know Jaece Lutrec and hear her incredible story. Being able to paint is one thing, but the way David shows us how he captures WHO Jaece is could not have been better expressed than in this fantastic video. It is mesmerizing to watch the detailed brushstrokes he uses in his process keeping me entranced into how well skilled he is. The production and filming process also brings us into who Jaece is as well as who David is, all while showing us how he approaches a painting which is an invaluable lesson. Artist or not, this is a great DVD showing how David Jon Kassan passionately creates a painting from start to finish. I highly recommend adding this to anyone’s collection. Watching this DVD really brought inspiration to me and has shown me new techniques to bring to my own work.


    (verified owner):

    This is by far the best educational DVD the money can buy! It is not only packed with information and useful insight into David’s technique; but it is also beautifully produced. It is carefully filmed from the artist’s point of view – you see things as you would when you actually paint yourself: model/painting, then painting/palette – so camera moves and holds focus just as your eyes would do. David explains and demonstrates his method with simplicity and understanding for what the artist(viewer) is most likely eager to know. Highly inspirational and useful – higly recommended!


    (verified owner):

    Hello, have been trying to track my order. Could you please let me know the name of the service provider? Thank you



      It is fulfilled by amazon, and they only do tracking within the US, unfortunately


    (verified owner):

    Yippee, its here… This is by far the best instructional DVD.. I only started painting late last year and this dvd gives me understanding of individual forms and colour shifts on the skin, and an insight of David’s thought process as he’s painting… Video quality is amazing, and I love how he explains the material he uses and the properties of vasari oil paints.. highly recommend this DVD.. thanks David 😀

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