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In this 6-hour instructional documentary, I really wanted to weave together my philosophies on painting as well as how I paint technically. In “Painting A Life”, we get to know the subject, Jaece Lutrec. intimately — her thoughts, feelings and her life as I paint her.

Painting, for me, is my way of understanding the world around me; a way of slowing things down to carefully observe life. It was really important to me that this film illustrates not just the step-by-step process of how I paint, but also depicts my patient search to understand my subject.

To encourage a full understanding of the process, I completely vocalize my thoughts on how I use broken color to develop lifelike skintone and how I use color temperature, value, texture and brushstroke to turn form. I also discuss how to train your eye to see these subtle color shifts and transitions.

Included is a full discussion of my materials (brushes, mediums, paints, etc), how I prepare my painting surfaces, my studio setup and lighting, how I transfer my drawing to my painting surface, a brief introduction to my drawing process, and a field trip to Vasari Classic Oils Colors to discuss of all of the paints on my palette and their properties and history with Gail Spiegel, Vasari’s color expert. And, of course, some bloopers.

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